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Why Do We Need a New Educational System?

The morning session of the Kerala Literature Festival in venue `Katha` took place on the topic `Curriculum Naveekaranathinte Samoohika Maanagal.` Dr. Abdunnasar UK started the session by saying, “The educational curriculum is a social line that determines the future of a society.” The `Paadya Paddhathi` programme is a long term process, and it will gradually increase the quality of the education system in our state as per their opinion.

They chipped in to say that the introduction to the new National Education Policy 2020 makes it more effective. Upcoming youth should be given education on the basis of constitutional values, civic sense, behavior, and environmental awareness. They must train the students in scientific and rational thinking, they said.

Suja Susan George explained the significance of the Finnish curriculum-based education model and how it promotes a secular, team teaching method. She also expressed her displeasure with the political parties that are attempting to stop it. They also added that work-integrated education should be promoted and regular exercise should be given more priority.

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