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FAQs on Self-Publishing

What is Self-Publishing?
Self-Publishing is the publication of a book or other works by an author without the involvement of any publisher. Author will be completely responsible for this process and is printed by them using the service of such service providers.

Is Self-Publishing applicable only for print books?
It is not limited to print books. Any other works such as eBooks, small write ups, brochures etc can also be self-published.

Does DC Books provide Self-Publishing services?
Yes, DC Press, the sister concern of DC Books provides self-publishing services.

What is the role of DC Press in such self-publishing programs?
DC Press acts as a service provider for its self-publishing program.

What are the services provided by DC Press for Self-Publishing program for eBooks & Print books?

  • DC Press will host the book of an author as an eBook through its own digital store, through other retailers like Amazon and through eBook aggregators.
  • Through this eBook self-publishing program, book will be distributed through more than 200 eBook retailers throughout the World.
  • Editorial services
  • Cover designing services
  • Page Layout
  • Printing & Publishing
  • EBook conversion to desired format
  • Distribution of the printed book through selected DC and Current Book channels.

What are the formats that are included in the self – publishing program of DC Press?

  • Print Format
  • Electronic Formats

Who will be responsible for the contents of the book submitted by the Author?
Author will be completely responsible for the content provided by them.

Who will be the copyright holder of the book?
Author will be the copyright holder of the book.

Will DC Press provide guidance on copyright rules?
Yes, definitely DC Press will provide guidance on copyright rules.

While submitting the content what are the precautions that author should take?

  • Submitted work should be completely author’s creation.
  • Submitted content should be free from plagiarism, inaccuracy, content violating any person’s privacy, content violating any third party’s intellectual property rights, or content which is obscene, defamatory or anti-national, or any content which violates any central, state, or local law, statute, or code.
  • There should not be any copyrighted contents of others.
  • If any copyrighted materials are used, written permission from the concerned should be submitted along with the work.
  • If there are any illustrations, images that should be thoroughly checked for copyright restrictions.
  • If there is any copyright infringement, author should indemnify the service provider.

What will be the royalty percentage shared for eBook under self –publishing program?
50% of the net receipts of the service provider will be shared with the author.

Is there any charge involved for the services provided for Print Books?
Please send a mail to info@dcmediacorp.com for more details.

Is there any cost involved for distribution through selected DC and Current Book channels?
Please send a mail to expressions@dcbooks.com for more details.

Whom should I contact for eBook self-publishing program?
You can send a mail for details to expressions@dcbooks.com