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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to publish book through DC Books?
To publish a book through DC Books, you need to send the manuscript. The editorial committee will update you the decision. You can send photocopy or a print copy. Soft copy of the manuscript is not acceptable.

Within how many days the decision about the manuscript will be informed?
Within one month. The editorial department will send a letter informing the decision to the address provided here.

What is the procedure once the decision for publishing the manuscript is accepted by the editorial department?
An agreement will be made between the author and the publisher. Within certain days, the writer will be provided with the agreement. Once the agreement is signed by both parties, the procedure for publication of the book will be made.

What details are required in the manuscript that is submitted?
Try to send complete manuscript. Attach acknowledgement, preface, or photograph, if any, with the manuscript. Along with it, also send your postal address, contact details, and email address. Also send a concise detail about the author.

Whom should I send the manuscript? Can it be sent directly?
You need to send the matter to the publication department to the address: Manager, Publication department, DC Kizhakemuri idam, Good Shepherd street, Kottayam-686001. If needed, we will inform you for personal meeting.

Is it possible to meet the editor personally?
Yes. You need to take an appointment prior to meet editor.

Within what time the book will be expected to be released once the manuscript is submitted?
As in custom, it takes one year to publish a book. At some cases, it may even take more than one year. Each kind of books has schedules and on the basis of this schedule the books are published. Moreover, the demand and requirement for books in market is also taken in consideration before publishing a book. This kind of scheduling is usually done for non fiction categories.

Do author need to spend money to publish books?
No. DC Books bear all the expense for publishing a book.

What reward will be given to the author once the book is published?
Certain amount of royalty will be decided for the author. This will be mentioned in the agreement.

Will the manuscript be given back if the manuscript is rejected to publish?
Manuscript will not be returned back. You need to send a copy of original manuscript. DC Books will not be responsible for misplacement of manuscript.

Will the manuscript sent to other publishers be accepted?

Will the manuscript rejected earlier be considered again?
No. Once rejected, the same manuscript will not be considered again.

After publishing books, how many copies the author will receive?
Author will get 5 FREE copies. More copies will be provided on discounted rate.

I want to be a member in DC Books’ translation team? What is the procedure for that?
Send a translation of a chapter of the book you wish to translate along with a photocopy of the original chapter. The decision will be informed within one month once the editorial committee takes a decision on it.

I would like to create cover design for DC Books? What is the procedure to be followed?
Send the designs you had created earlier. You will be informed once the decision for this is taken. You need to send your designs on info@dcbooks.com

I create pictures for children’s magazine and books. I would like to create pages for DC Books, what is the procedure to be followed?
Send the samples of the drawings you have created to info@dcbooks.com. The decision will be informed to you.

In which languages DC Books publish books?
DC Books publish books only in Malayalam.

Do DC Books have special section for children publication?
DC Books publish books for children with the imprint “Mango”.

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