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Book distribution – Policy FAQ’s for sales and return

Do you sell books on consignment/ Sale or return basis?

What is your policy on consignment / Sale or return basis of book distribution ?
Under the said distribution arrangement, we only sell books taken from approved vendors. In rare cases, we have transactions direct with individuals.

Who are these approved vendors?
You can view the vendors list for this information.

What are the policies and rules required to be followed for distribution of books through your approved vendors?

  • You require to send the copy of books to the head office in Kottayam, which will not be returned. Along with the copy, you need to attach your contact details and e-mail address.
  • Bi-monthly, the sales team verifies all the books received with them and once the book gets approved, you will be given an intimation on the supply terms from our warehouse. Warehouse will be issuing receipt against the quantity supplied. As, we give 35% commission to institutions and agencies, we are able to take your books on 50% sales commission.

When shall we get details & payments of the books getting sold?
We issue the sales statement and the payment only once in a year. For eg financial year starting from April 2012 to March 2013, the payments to be issued by end of July,2013.

Will more copies of books be ordered?
This mainly depends on the demand for the books. If we require more copies, we will place order with you for the same. If the book sale is found low, the stocks can anytime be returned back to you and the expenses for the returns be charged to your account.

Will this book be sent to all the centres of D C Books?
Sales team will take the decision for this.

If the Sales team disapproves the book, will you keep us informed?
The decision will definitely be made known to you.

What are the policies to be followed by individuals to get books approved for distribution?

  • Other than getting the necessary approvals , in extreme cases, we will be taking Rs.5000/- per title as minimum guarantee , which will be returned on sale reaching Rs.5000/- minimum of each title. For eg.: If you have three different titles, minimum guarantee amount to be taken from you is Rs.15000/- (3nos* Rs.5000/-) which will be returned as stated above .This Rs.5000/- is arrived on the basis of a calculation that if the sale goes below this, it will be a major loss to us due to operational losses such as high rentals/lease, marketing & administration overheads etc involved in the distribution.
  • Other policies are similar to policies for approved vendors.

For more details where should we contact?

DC BOOKS Customer Care / Support
Phone : 0481-2563114, 2301614
Email : customercare@dcbooks.com
Mobile : +91-9846133336