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FAQs – Frequently asked questions

What is an eBook?
An electronic book (variously, e-Book, eBook, digital book, or even e-edition) is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text and images that can be read on various devices that include android platforms, iPhone and iPad.

In what format do publishers or authors have to provide content and how is it protected from piracy?
Publishers or authors have to provide their content as word format or as PDF. Once the book is available for sale it is protected by using DRM (Digital Rights Management System) to avoid piracy.

Which are the platforms through which eBooks are available for sales?
EBooks are available for sales through the website http://ebooks.dcbooks.com and can be downloaded to various devices like Android Phones, Android Tablets, iPhone and iPad.

How can an author utilize this facility to publish his or her work as an eBook?
An author can utilize our self-publishing program to make his or her work as an eBook for a minimal charge.

Imprint through which eBooks will be published?

  • Self-Publishing books will be under the Imprint “Expressions”.

Whom should I contact?


DC BOOKS Customer Care / Support
Phone : 0481-2563114, 2301614
Email : ebooksupport@dcbooks.com
Mobile : +91-9846133336