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What is it like to live on a planet other than Earth?

A panel of prominent ecologists and chemists debated the topic “Jeevaparinaamam Anyagrahangalil Sambavichittundaakumo?” in an afternoon session held here at the KLF. The panel talked about the complicated process of evolution and how it changes, and they tried to come up with factual assertions about life on other planets.

The discussion was held between Dr Dileep Mampallil, Dr Praveen Gopinath, Dr Ratheesh Krishnan, and Krishna Prasad R. The session was moderated by Sangeetha Chenampulli. The panellists attempted to explain the evolution of life on other planets while also providing tangible data and information regarding life outside the earth. As there are several plants where life is considered to be found, they also discussed the relevance and importance of the topic.


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