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Read and Take Risks in Life

Entrepreneur, author, and professor Sreedharan Radhakrishnan Nair (SR Nair), with the leading entrepreneurs of the pharmaceutical industry and MNC’s Rahul Abraham Maman, had a discussion over entrepreneurship and reading with the moderator, Ananda Mani K, at a session at KLF. SR opined that your imagination goes wild when you think. The synopsis of the work doesn’t make you think, but it could definitely inspire you.

The book “Why We Buy” has influenced Rahul Maman very much. He says that consumer psychology is of great importance. When Ananda Mani asked, SR put forward the thought that tough lessons could only be gained through experience and not by reading. Life is all about finding time to read. Rahul spends his free time travelling and reading books. SR, a voracious reader, has read more than 2000 books in a library and loves reading fiction. “When you read, you get exposure to different cultures, and one should distil what you need from your reading,” he said. SR mentioned the fantastic style of narration of the author, M. T. Vasudevan Nair. Regardless of age, we should continue reading, said Rahul Abraham Maman.

The chairman of the federal bank, Balagopal, was sitting unnoticed by the audience among the crowd, and it was pointed out by S. R. Nair. The session concluded by reminding the cheerful audience to read and to take risks in life.

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