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Western Ghats: Care and Precautions

On the first day of KLF 2023, a session held by the shore was graced with the presence of prominent economist and environmentalist T P Kunhikannan and writer and educator, R Shiju, who introduced the book “Western Ghats: Care and Precautions.” The discussion reminded the audience of the background of protection provided by the Western Ghats, even after the survival of two enormous floods and other considerable natural disasters. The discussion took place with an in-depth analysis of the circumstances that led to the writing of this book. In the very book, the probability of protection for the Western Ghats is scientifically represented with official data. T P Kunhikannan talked about the major changes in nature after 2004, the reasons behind the frequency of natural disasters, and the importance of the conservation of natural forests. Further, he opined that what is needed in Kerala is not sustainable development but ecological and environmental development. He also opined that development should also take care of ecological sustainability.

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