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Radio Jockeys as Sellers of Happiness

A session here at the KLF on the topic “Eka vachanathil ninn bahuvachanathilekk: NavaKala radio” began with a curtain-raiser about radio by the moderator, Shahjahan Kaliyat, followed by the prominent, RJ Lishna. She conversed with the audience regarding the role of radio jockeys in concocting happiness in the listener. She also addressed the importance of radio in the lives of people, as it is the only medium that provides both talks and lighter discussion of issues to listeners. RJ Nitha, another panellist, talked about the evolution of radio and the prospects proposed by technology during the COVID pandemic. She assessed the radio contents as “hyper-local,” because, in her opinion, that will be the definition of radio in the future. For RJ Parvathi, radio is personal. She also talked about the possibilities for imagination that radio provides. She also shared her personal experiences. In the conclusion, the moderator described Radio Jockeys as sellers of happiness.

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