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Think Outside the Box and Take Risks: Thomas George

“Think outside the box and take risks. Our education system teaches how to reduce risks,” said Dr. Thomas George, director of the LEAD College of Management. He was conversing in a session at the KLF 2023 with Ashick KP and Mrinal Das. The discussion was initiated by George, who explained two of his characters. The teacher, who the pupil calls Thomman with love and utmost respect, and the professional, edupreneur and entrepreneur Dr Thomas George. Similarly, his book “Preneur” has two approaches: a very logical and intellectual approach from Thomas George and a common man’s viewpoint and approach from Thomman, says Mrinal Das, the vlogger and management consultant. “I have a Guinness World Record for teaching 72 hours straight. If I can hold a record without knowing the spelling of the word `Guinness,` then everyone can. I can help them make it possible,” adds George.

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