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The Problem is not Hunting, but the Pleasure in it!

The session started by saying that hunting is still out there in various forms and is not just a tale. Vinil Paul stated this by mentioning his work, “Mrigaya: Keralathinte Naayattu Charithram.” The hunting history of big and small game describes big and small animals. He also said that environmental history is silent in Kerala.

James Zacharias described the importance of the genetic study. He mentioned “Kuttiyamma,” the female hunter, and then talked about his experiences in the forest. He discussed instances from Vinil Paul’s book. Pramod Krishnan said that the ending of Vinil Paul’s book is suggestive of questioning the behaviour of the past. He went on to say that you should enjoy everything that is not harmful to your health.

He pointed out that we are not at all respecting the opinions of the “Adivasis” and making foolish decisions like making boundaries in the forest for our safety.

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