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The Book of Life

The third day of Kerala Literature Fest began with a wonderful talk by C V Balakrishnan and Rajendran Eduthumkara about the book “Ayusinte Pusthakam.” The novel was written after coming back from Kolkata, and “it had inspired me a lot,” said Balakrishnan. It took him two years to complete the novel, which describes homosexual love and how it is seen.

The author faced many difficulties with the publication of the book; many of the leading publishers couldn’t help him to publish, but in the end, DC Books helped him and made his work a lot more popular, and because of its popularity, it had been translated to the Tamil language at first and then to many more.

In “Ayusinte Pusthakam,” an excerpt from the Bible, he criticises how many of these things are considered sins in Christian society. He extended his words by saying, “Johanan’s character and his loneliness gave me the motives to write this book.”

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