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Scientific Temper and Human Consciousness: A Nobel Laureate’s Perspective

The speaker, Ada E. Yonath, is a crystallographer and the first woman from the Middle East to win a Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2009. She began the session by responding to Dr. C. N. Ramchand’s questions about how she came to receive the Nobel Prize. She answered dynamically that it had only one single reason, which was her childhood curiosity and passion.

Prof. Dr. Sabu Thomas, the mediator of the session, inquired about her family’s support. Ada replied by saying that she had good family support, but they were poor. She further mentioned her school memories and the teachers who inspired her to reach her dream. She repeated how important it is to be curious and passionate about our dream, and the session was concluded by publishing the book “Sam’s Twelve Commandments: For the Indian Entrepreneur” by Sam Santhosh.

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