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Desire: Beyond the Borders

The session on `Queer Literature: Perspectives and Challenges` commenced with a note on the challenges facing queer writers by Asha Mano. Malayalam Queer writer Aadi opined that a piece of literature cannot be recognised as Queer literature solely on the basis of the characterization of a gay / lesbian / transgender. Instead, the Queer community should be marked beyond the borders of identity. Aadi opined that the literature by the first transgender literature writer, Vijaya Rajamalli, is seminal in the discourse of Queer literature. Vishnu Sujatha Mohan, Queer poet expressed concern about the editors’ lack of prior experience editing queer literature. The session concluded with a reflection on “Pennappan,” Aadi’s collection of poems about the queer community. Even though Queer literature is plentiful, the fear associated with Queer literature acts as a hindrance to locating Queer literature as a genre.

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