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Centre amends pension rules: Bars retired officials from publishing info without clearance.

Freedom of expression denied
Retired officials barred from publishing without clearance


Retired police chiefs and Intelligence agency officials have been barred from publishing any information related to their organization without clearance from authorities. According to the latest amendments made by the Centre on Pension Rules the retired officials will have to sign an undertaking to the effect and pension could be withheld or withdrawn for failure to comply with the rules.

The rules called the Central Civil Services (Pension) Amendment Rules, 2020 and amend rules 8 (3A) pertaining to “pension subject to future good conduct.” The amended rule says that “No government servant, who, having worked in any Intelligence or Security-related organisation included in the Second Schedule of the Right to Information Act, 2005 (22 of 2005), shall, without prior clearance from Competent Authority” shall not publish in any manner, while in service or after retirement, any information or material or knowledge which is related to the domain of the organisation and obtained by virtue of working in the said organisation. The retired officials will have to sign “form 26” where they will have to give a legal undertaking to not share such information in public domain

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