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Value of Meditation in the Current Era

Dr. H. Poornima Mohan provided peace of mind to the whole audience by reciting a mantra from the `Kattopanishath` in the very first session of the last day of the Kerala literature festival. “The proper mode of meditation is only attained when you reach a state of mind where you could drop everything for a moment,” said the spiritual guide, Swami Purnachaitanya. An eminent person who belongs to the top 10 richest people in the world has sought his guidance, and success can’t be defined by the amount of money you possess. He also made it clear that there is a proper difference between relaxation and meditation.

Yoga is more than exercise. Fear, greed, and love are the three most powerful motivators, and the third one is the most effective yet difficult to instil, according to Swami Purnachaitanya. He added that even the anger of a guru is a blessing, and often, through meditation, it becomes helpful for teachers to not get intimidated. “If you can go inwards of your mind, you will realise that there is nothing necessary for happiness,” Swami Purnachaitanya said.

Furthermore, he mentioned how South Indian movies are glorifying violence these days.

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