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The Return of Legends

A riveting session at the KLF 2023, initiated with discussing excerpts from the recent work of KP Sudheera, `Pranayasameere`, narrated the return of legends like Lord Krishna. In light of the work, the session reflected on why Lord Sri Krishna was presented as a human philosopher but not as a God. The story of love between Krishna and Radha was the theme of `pranayasameere`. When moderator Nasar Kakkattil asked why legends are returning, one of the panelists, KS Venkitanchalam, responded with a warm smile that no legends had vanished, but were all present. He also mentioned that the word `Ithihasam` itself implies `it is true.` Venkitanchalam has spoken of the book `Ente Geetha` by Devadutt Pattanaik, quoting that whoever reads the work would imagine a Geetha inside them. When a question was asked about the greatness of the mythological figures Seetha, Radha, and Panjali, the panellists also brought to light the interpretation of Devdutt Pattanaik, that Radha is great and pure. He has also made his portrayal of Radha bizarre through his own vision.

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