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FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

How do I become a supplier to DC Books/Current Books?
Qualification requirements vary depending on the titles/books that is being offered. In the first instance complete the registration form and e-mail this to academicsales@dcbooks.com in case you deal with Academic reference books or to procure@dcbooks.com in case of others. We will consider the information that you provide and respond to you within 30 days of receipt.

Does D C Books use electronic trading tools?
Yes. DC Books is committed to using technology to speed up its sourcing and buying processes and to reduce administration costs. We currently include electronic ordering, electronic data transfer etc. Further developments in the areas of links to external catalogues and e-sourcing are also close to deployment.

Do you deal with Academic Books?
Yes. We are the largest suppliers of Academic books in Kerala.

Which all categories you have in Academic Books?
Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Engineering, Art & Science, Management & Business, Commerce.

Do you take any other stationery products, Cassettes & CDs, Toys etc?
Yes. We do promote such products in few of our outlets.

Do you deal with any other products other than books?
Yes. We do have products other than books in certain bookstores which include magazines, music, Stationeries, electronic gadgets and certain eatables too.

Does DC Books have Approved Suppliers?
Yes. We do have an approved Supplier List and the list is subject to an annual evaluation. Normally, suppliers are retained in the list only after a supplier has traded with us satisfactorily for a given period of time and meets the relevant qualification criteria.

What does “Approved Supplier” mean, and what are the benefits?
Benefits may include trading agreements; a commitment to a minimum share of our business, standing orders, co-marketing, promotions and book fair participations etc.

Would our systems have to conform to certain technical standards in order to trade with DC Books?
At the basic level your books must have ISBN/ EAN code. Also it is possible to transact with DC Books with no more than an Internet connection and an e-mail account. You should be able to provide data/ Bills in soft form for our database uploading prior to the shipment.

What are DC Books Terms and Conditions of Purchase?

  • Minimum 40% discount on general Books .
  • Terms of supply – Credit
  • Credit days – 120 days

What happens after I register with DC Books as a prospective supplier?
We will consider the information provided and respond to you within 30 days of receipt.

Is there any registration charge for prospective suppliers?
At present, it is completely free. No registration charge is required

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?
Please email academicsales@dcbooks.com OR procure@dcbooks.com

DC BOOKS Customer Care / Support
Phone : 0481-2563114, 2301614
Email : customercare@dcbooks.com
Mobile : +91-9846133336