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FAQs – Frequently asked questions

  • What is your book shop timings?
    We have branches that open throughout the year for your convenience. View shop timings
  • Are your Shops open on Sundays?
    Yes all our major shops are open on Sundays to make it convenient for your family. View shop timings
  • Can I order a book through on-line?
    Yes ofcourse, you can place your orders through our on-line book shop http://onlinestore.dcbooks.com , In case you do not find the book, You can also write to customercare@dcbooks.com . If the book is in print or available anywhere in the world we will procure the book and deliver it to you within 3 – 30 days.
  • Do you have academic books in your book shop?
    Yes we also cater to your Academic requirement. If you are an individual please contact 98461 33336 (Customer Care), If you are an institution pls contact Mr. Shiva Kumar Mobile Number – 9946109489 or send an email cluster.academic@dcbooks.com
  • Do you have any special schemes / Loyalty Programmes for Book Readers?
    Yes we have our loyalty program especially designed for avid reader in you. View VIP Schemes details
  • I am working abroad, Do you have book shops outside India?
    Yes currently we have two book shops outside India, One in Dubai and One in Muscat. You can also place orders through our international on-line shop at Dubai.
  • Do you have any seasonal offers currently?
    Yes, We have seasonal offers throughout the year for you and your family to share. To know more, please rush to your nearest DC Bookshop!
  • Do you accept Credit / Debit Cards at you shops?
    Yes we do accept credit / debit cards at all our shops. We accept Master/Visa/Maestro Cards.
  • Do you have a customer care Department?
    Yes we have a customer care department.
    – Email : customercare@dcbooks.com
    – Mobile : +91 9846 221331
    – Timing : 9.00am – 5.30pm [Indian Standard Time]
  • Do you have Home Delivery?
    Yes you can dial abook through our customer care department who will courier the books to your nearest book shop or you may place your order on our online book shop and the books will be couriered to your address.
  • Do you export books?
    Yes we do, for all your export queries please contact Sanoob 9946104801 or write to books@dcbooks .com
  • Are you connected in social media?
    Yes you can get regular updates on books and current news in Facebook
  • Will I get updates on new book releases and special offers?
    Yes, all our registered customers do get updates regularly.
  • Do you supply to Institutes and Library?
    Yes we do, For queries please contact Rajmohan 9946109495
  • Do you have a Portal?
    Ofcourse we do, You get regular updates on News, New Books etc
  • Do you have both English and Malayalam Books?
    Yes we have around 15000 titles in Malayam plus more than 350 global publishers who supply English and Academic books to us.
For any further Clarifications/Queries, contact DC BOOKS Customer Care/Support
Phone : 0481-2563114, 2301614
Email : customercare@dcbooks.com
Mobile : +91-9846133336