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Shake off your prejudices- Bring in diversity and equity!


The Human Library or Menneskebiblioteket as is it called in Danish was a concept created in 2000, by Ronni Abergel, Danny Abergel, Asma Mouna, and Christoffer Erichsen. It was started in Denmark and the idea was first mooted by Danny Abergel, founder of Stop Violence. It is a global initiative providing hands on learning opportunities by fighting against ignorance and the prejudices that occur as a result. One can borrow a person instead of a book for 30 mins, the human interaction leads to creation of awareness and helps fight prejudices. The concept of a human library is very popular today. The essence is that one becomes a book for another. A personal conversation that can help to challenge prejudice, get people to help rid discrimination, prevent conflicts and contribute to greater human cohesion across social, religious and ethnic divisions.

Such living libraries also provide an opportunity to understand the knowledge, experiences and worldviews of people living differently. A special dialogue room, where taboo topics can be discussed openly and without condemnation. A place where people who would otherwise never talk find room for conversation. You can ask questions to the book, you can take a break with the book, you can expect some questions, and the book will return after the allotted time, after which there are no obligations.

Today, human libraries operate in over 60 countries around the world. Good books are for those who have knowledge, experience and special expertise in any field. More and more readers will be looking for good books through the reviews that readers record. Human book reading is a bargain for both parties.

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