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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is pre-publication?
The bulk of books which are not published regularly, but is in demand amongst the readers is termed as pre-publication.

What is the profit from such pre-publications for publishers and readers?
Once the book is chosen to publish, the order for number of books to be published can be determined before the books are published. As the number of books required is identified before the production of book, the readers can avail these books at a normal rate.

Are these books published more than one time?
No. This book is published only once.

How is the subject selected for pre-publication?
The subjects which are read highly by readers but there is limited edition published for the subjects are considered for pre-publication. Experts are assigned to write the books. Moreover, an expert committee is appointed for each subject for directions.

What benefits do readers get through the purchase of pre-publication scheme? Do they get any benefits?
Yes. As only ordered number of books is published, these books are cheaper than originally published book.

Do everyone gets similar discount in pre-publication?
Readers who book the pre-publication before the books are published can avail books at a discounted rate. Others who book the pre-publications after the book is published can avail the books at the printed price.

Does the pre-publication’s subjects will be similar to the subjects published earlier by DC Books?
No. The subjects and concepts will be absolutely new in pre-publications.

As per pre-publication scheme, where can we order for such book?
You can order for pre-publications at DC Books/ Currents Books outlets or at any agency for DC Books. You can also order these pre-publications online.

Do we need to pay the amount in single term?
You can pay the amount in single term. You can also make the payment in installments. If the payment is done in single term, you will receive the book as soon as the book is published.

How and where will the book be available?
Within fifteen days after publication, you can avail your copy from the nearest outlet or agency.


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