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e-Kerala Literature Festival 2021 kicks off on 28th May with an International Poetry Festival. Cultural Minister of Kerala Saji Cheriyan to inaugurate. Poets from Israel, Palestine, Lakshadweep to partake

eKLF 2021 kicks off on May 28, 10am onwards


DC Kizhakemuri Foundation in association with DC Books will host the Kerala Literature Festival (e-KLF 2021) on 28th May with an International Poetry Festival. This year, KLF’s digital edition of International Poetry Festival coincides with the 75th birthday of the Festival Director, Prof. K. Satchidanandan.

With over 50 poets from more than nine countries, the International Poetry Festival will be inaugurated at 10 AM by the Cultural Minister of Kerala, Shri Saji Cheriyan.  Inaugural ceremony will be presided over by the Festival Chairman, A Pradeep Kumar, Chief Facilitator Ravi Deecee, General Convener Abdul Hakeem. To celebrate the world renowned poet’s 75th birthday, the Festival is set to kick off with poems by Asma Azaizeh from Palestine and Ismath Hussain from Lakshadweep. The Festival runs all through the day till 7:30 PM.

With over 50 poets from more than 10 countries like Palestine, Israel, South Africa, Italy, United States of America, Ireland, to name a few, the roster boasts the presence of renowned  poets like Salma,  Chandrakanth Patil, Kutti Revathi, Nishi Chowla, Balachandran Chullikadu, K G  Shankarapilla,  Taslima Nasrin, P P Ramachandran, Rafeek Ahmed etc. The International Poetry Festival on May 28th is just the beginning of a series of programs that will continue to lead up to the eventual physical event at the beaches of Kozhikode in January 2022. For people who have not attended the Festival all these years, the digital face of KLF will make for an exciting opportunity to feel the essence and flavor of the biggest  bilingual literature festival in Asia.

The Poetry Festival can be viewed from the DC Books’ official Facebook and Youtube pages.

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