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Does Crime Fiction Need a Separate Genre?

A session here at stage Aksharam at the KLF 2023, attended by Sreeparvathy, Maya Kiran, Dr. Rajath R., and Sivan Edamana, discussed the confrontation of imaginations in crime fiction. Comparing book writing with maintaining the kitchen, their session took interesting turns. In agreement with the concept of “The Death of the Author,” crime fiction writer Sreeparvathy says that during the writing process, the book belongs to the writer, and once it is released, it belongs to the reader. She believes that there is always a need for a separate genre for crime fiction, while Maya Kiran expressed her view that every literary work has its own importance, so there is no need for a separate genre. It can be generalised as a literary work. Dr. Rajath R. explained his point of view regarding crime fiction as a doctor and as a crime fiction writer. Sivan Edamana concluded the session by stating that there are countries ruined by unbridled corruption and governance, but no countries are ruined by unbridled crime.

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