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FAQs – Frequently asked questions

  • How to buy book through Customer Care?
    You can buy books by calling customer care on 72900 92216
  • Is there a list of your bookshops available?
    Yes, You may please click on the following links to view the complete list of bookshops with contact details.
    Bookshops in Kerala
    Bookshop in Dubai
  • How many days it will take for the book to be delivered if ordered through customer care?
    If the book is available in our outlets it will be delivered within 2-5 days from the order. If the order is from within India, the book will be available within 5-14 days and if international it will take around 45 days.
  • Will the books be available at the place where DC Books agency or outlet is not available?
    Yes. You will get the book through the agency or directly.
  • What are the working hours of the outlets DC Books?
    We have branches that open throughout the year for your convenience. View shop address & timings
  • Will the books ordered through customer care be available at outlets?
  • Are DC Books outlets available at Middle East? Are books available there?
    Yes, View the details of bookshop in Dubai
  • Do we need to pay the amount in advance for the books which are not available at outlet?
    Normally it is not needed to pay; but in some cases,such as the book is taken from any outer source, a nominal amount of Rs. 1000/- will be charged.
  • What is Dial-A-Book?
    It is a service through which a customer can order any books through our customer care number 9846133336 by providing the publisher’s name, author’s name, and quantity of the book where the customer can get the book at the outlet where they wish to take or get the book directly(VPP).
  • How can we order the pre-publication book?
    You can order it from all our DC Books/ Current Books branches, DC Books agencies, and even order it through online.
  • Is it required to pay the pre-publication amount as one time payment?
    The payment can be done as one time payment and as installment also.The benefit of paying one time payment is that you can receive the book as soon as it releases.
  • Will the pre-publication be provided through VPP?
    To receive the book as VPP, you are required to send the amount as money-order or DD. The amount can be paid as installment if through money-order and full time payment for DD.
  • How to receive this book?
    Once the book is published, you can collect the book from the branches or agencies you have booked along with your payment receipt.
  • What are the schemes available now?
    VIP Silver
  • What is VIP Silver scheme?
    VIP Silver is a scheme with the validity for four years. In this scheme, you are required to pay Rs. 1000 /-all together or as two time payment of Rs. 500 /- The benefit of this scheme are you can buy Free Malayalam books worth Rs.300/- in a year or English books worth Rs. 250/- (except academic books) in a year.
  • Is It possible to buy the books of four years all together?
    Yes, the free books can be collected altogether by the end of validity period.
  • Will the deposited amount be refunded by the end of the period?
    The deposited amount will not be refunded as cash.Either you can renew your membership or you can take books with the deduction of 20% for Malayalam books or 12% deduction for English books.
  • Is it possible to transfer membership holding branch to another?
    Yes, it is possible to transfer the membership holding branch to another.For that we are charging Rs.100/- as processing fee.
  • Is it possible to transfer VIP Kids sheme to VIP Silver scheme?
    Yes,its posssible to transfer VIP Kids member to VIP Silver ,for that the member is required to pay additional amount of Rs. 500/-.
  • Are the monthly E-Bulletin provided to Scheme members?



  • Are the academic books available at DC Books/ Current Books?
    Yes. You can avail the book from DC Books/Current Books Academic branches(Academic branch address). If the books are not available at the branches, you can email our customer care at customercare@dcbooks.com or can call us on: 9846133336 to get books.



  • How to publish books through DC Books?
    You have to send the hard copy of the manuscript you wish to publish to our Sales department at DC book’s Head office address. If the manuscript is chosen by our sales committee, we will inform it. The hard copy of the manuscript will not be returned.



  • How can books be distributed through DC Books?
    To distribute books through DC Books, you need to send 2 copies of the book along with a permission letter of the concerned person to the head office of DC Books.The books will be distributed through DC Books,after the consent of sales committee.



  • What are the payment procedure for online purchase?
    You can pay through
    1) Net Banking
    2) Account money transfer
    3) DD/ Money order
    4) Credit card
    5) Debit card
  • How are the ordered books delivered?
    The books are delivered through 1) Speed post or 2) Courier
  • Is there any shipping charges for online?
    For online purchase of Rs. 500/- and above shipping charges will be exculpated anywhere in India.But this is not applicable for international orders.



DC BOOKS Customer Care / Support
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