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About the Unsung Hero, TP Kumaran Nair- Vijay Balan’s Swaraj Spy

A novel based on the true story of Kerala’s Bhagat Singh, The Swaraj Spy, was in discussion with the author, Vijay Balan, and research scholar and activist, Arundhati B, on the 6th edition of the Kerala literature festival. “The narrative writing that conveys the facts was his special feature,” says Arundhati. He said that for whom the work is being written is significant. The necessity of communicating history in a way that people will understand is a basic need. And for that, he wanted to take the readers where the characters are without taxing them. At the end of the day, history is “his story,” “her story,” and “their story.” The unsung hero, TP Kumaran Nair, is so evident in society that there is a road in his name at Nellikode. The novel is layered, from a personal journey to a political journey. The readers could relate to the theme of the work as it deals with karma and the twists and turns of life. In response to the question of whether the work is fiction or not, Balan’s reply was straight, making it clear that it is a factual work, not fiction. This book is about a journey that is a metaphor for life. The session came to an end with his brief talk in Malayalam, which he had forgotten for 52 years since he left India. Towards the end of the session, books were signed by the author for the audience.

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