LORE & LEGENDS OF NORTH MALABAR – A Treasure of Folklores, Myths & Legends

malabarThe culture of india has always been fertile with it’s vast range of lores, legends, myths, puranas, epics etc. These has been transmitted from generations to generations for centuries. The culture of Kerala is no exception from this. Through the vast treasure of our age old mythical stories and ballads Malayalam Literature has placed itself in a prominent position in the world of literature.

Vadakkan Aithihyamala written by Vanidas Elayavoor is that collection of stories of north Malabar that had been passed through generations. Kolathunad  in north Kerala is abundant in legends, myths and stories of historical events handed down over millenia by the way of our age old oral tradition. Those stories and myths that had not dimmed in it’s universal appeal has been brought together in Vadakkan Aithihyamala. Now these stories and myths are brought to the English readers too. Lore & Legends of North Malabar brings to you translation of selected stories from Vadakkan Aithihyamala along with jottings taken from historical books and anecdotes from books of worls famous travellers.

Along with intending for the documentation of such valuable treasure that is availablein our literature through English translation the publishers has intended to make it available for the future generations. It will also help our younger generations to come across the grandeur of our culture and traditions. This book is not just a collection of stories but also a documentation of our history too. History and legends lay entanglaed in this book. The stories of the Kolathiris and other ruling houses like Alladathu Swarooppam of Neeleswaram and Ali Rajas of Arakkal; the great revolutionary hero Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja of the House of Kottayam, the Keyis of Tellicherry, the Naaluveettil Nambiars etc are all featured in this book.

Along with the stories of kingdoms and principalities of North Malabar, the culture, traditions and even the social life in our land become a part. This will also let the younger generation to know about our socio-cultural and economic relations of the age old times. In these stories we could even find a contemporary relevance. We are now living in a world of intolerence and  different social, cultural and religious dynamics. But the stories that collated in this book will also let readers come across those feelings of togetherness tolerence in our social life. The depiction of such medieval life can be seen in the songs of the folk deities Mathileri Kanni and Kandaangott Makkam.

The Goddess Annapoorneswari Journeys to Malanad, Aayan Koman, Thiruvirakattu Temple, The Chakyar’s Offering, Andallur Temple & Beevi Thampuratti, Chuzhali BhagavathyThe Traveller from Hamadan, Thangal Uppappa, Neeli’s Sacrifice, The Massacre at Madayi, The Arakkal Sultanate etc are very few stories to name. A lot more is collected in Lore & Legends of North Malabar.

loreVanidas Elayavoor is the pen name of P. V. Gangadharan Nambiar. He served as teacher for 36 years and has won Best Teacher award from the President of India. Among his works Pravachaka Kathakal and Prasangam Oru Kala has got graet acclaim. Ashvin Kumar, though a hotelier by profession who has a great taste for literature,  an avid reader has taken effort to translate Vadakkan Aithihyamala to English.

For anyone who is interested in history, Lore & Legends of North Malabar is a great treasure keep. A treasure of folklores, myths and legends that will make them know our culture and cherish them for their younger ones.